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Taking CPP before age 65


You can begin taking your CPP pension as early as age 60 at a reduced rate, as we mentioned earlier. In this case, the CPP benefit will be stacked” on top of your OPTrust benefit until you turn 65. Your OPTrust pension is not adjusted for CPP until age 65.

You will receive the benefit of the reduced CPP and “topped up” OPTrust pension until age 65. At age 65, your CPP remains reduced, and your OPTrust pension is reduced for CPP integration. You will notice a reduction in your combined income from the two pensions at age 65. Some of this reduction in income may be offset by Old Age Security or seniors’ benefits.

Some people prefer to receive this extra money earlier by taking early CPP, even though their total pension payments (OPTrust and CPP combined) will then be lower at age 65. Others prefer to delay receiving CPP until age 65, which results in more uniformity in total payments over time, and a higher combined income after age 65 as we will see in the following.