When can you retire?

AGE 65

The normal retirement age under the OPSEU Pension Plan is 65. You are entitled to a lifetime pension based on your credit.


You may be eligible for an early unreduced immediate pension if you attain:

  • Factor 90 – your age plus your credit (in years, months and days) total at least 90 years
  • 60/20 – you are at least 60 years old and have 20 or more years of credit.

If you qualify for one of the early retirement provisions, your pension will be calculated based on your credit in the Plan and your termination date using the basic pension formula without CPP integration. You may decide to collect your CPP pension before age 65. OPTrust does not integrate your pension with CPP until age 65.


OPTrust members who receive a notice of layoff may be able to “bridge” to an unreduced pension.

Bridging requires special provisions in your collective agreement allowing the use of leaves of absence, the surplus notice period and the period represented by severance payments to reach the date on which you become eligible for one of the Plan’s unreduced retirement options. Bridging is currently available to:

  • members whose positions are declared surplus and are covered by the Central Collective Agreement between OPSEU and Management Board of Cabinet
  • members whose positions are declared surplus as a result of privatization, and are covered by the collective agreement between the Liquor Board Employees’ Division of OPSEU and the LCBO
  • anyone in a divestment situation who
    • is covered by the Central Collective Agreement between Management Board of Cabinet and OPSEU


    • declines a job offer that is less than 85% of his or her current salary or where the member’s service or seniority is not carried over to the new employer


    • is declared surplus and the collective agreement provides for bridging


    • the new employer’s collective agreement provides for bridging.

For more information on bridging, see OPTrust’s fact sheet Bridging to an unreduced pension or contact your employer, union representative or OPTrust.


You are eligible for early retirement with a reduced pension if you are at least 55 years old when you end your membership in the Plan. With this type of early retirement, your pension is calculated using the basic pension formula (and does not include the reduction for CPP integration until age 65). It is then reduced by 5% for each full and partial year you are under age 65, if you do not qualify for other forms of early retirement.


To qualify for a disability pension you must be totally and permanently physically and/or mentally disabled. In order to receive the disability pension you must apply to OPTrust, satisfy the above criteria and if your application is approved, you must resign from your employment. The medical evidence must be satisfactory to OPTrust. The amount of your disability pension will depend on your total credit in the Plan and your best five-year average salary:

  • If you have less than 10 years of credit and membership you do not qualify for a disability pension. You may receive a special disability refund under the Plan, plus interest. If you are eligible for a refund you are still entitled to a regular pension at age 65 based on your credit and salary. Taking a reduced pension at age 55 is also an option.
  • If you have more than 10 years of credit or continuous membership your disability pension is calculated using the basic pension formula. Adjustments for inflation will be taken into consideration to calculate your salary for the period during which you were receiving or eligible to receive LTIP. Your pension benefit is based on your credit in the Plan up to the date of your resignation.


Assume you were approved for a disability pension from the OPSEU Pension Trust and your highest consecutive five-year average salary was $53,000 and you resigned at the end of 2012 with 19 years of credit. Your disability pension would be calculated as follows:

.02 × $53,000 × 19 years = $20,140

Annual disability pension = $20,140

As with all pensions, this would be integrated with CPP at age 65, regardless of whether or not you are receiving a CPP disablility pension.


When OPTrust determines the commuted value of your pension at termination or retirement, we compare the total of your contributions plus interest to one half the value of your benefit accrued after 1986. This ensures that you do not contribute more than 50% of the commuted value for this period.

For example: let’s assume you terminated and we determine the value of your pension benefit to be $180,000. You have made contributions of $60,000 including interest. Fifty percent of the $180,000 is $90,000. In this case you do not have an “excess” owing to you because one half the value of your benefit is greater than your contributions plus interest.