With net assets of $18.4 billion, OPTrust invests and manages one of Canada’s largest pension funds. OPTrust is a global investor with a team of experienced investment professionals located in Toronto, London and Sydney.

OPTrust’s investment mandate focuses on achieving the organization’s mission to pay pensions today and preserve pensions for tomorrow. To accomplish this, we developed a new “member-driven investing” (MDI) strategy that focuses on preserving the funded status of the Plan and enables us to deliver the certainty, sustainability and stability our members need.


In 2015, OPTrust’s investments achieved an 8.0% total fund return, net of external management fees, and the Plan remained fully funded.

Total Fund Performance graph


Over OPTrust’s 21 years of operation, its investment portfolio has realized an average annual return of 8.4%, net of internal and external investment expenses. On average, 73 cents of every pension dollar paid is generated by investment returns and 27 cents is funded by member and employer contributions.

Role of Contributions and Investment Returns chart



More information on OPTrust’s strategy and results are available in our 2015 Annual Report.

More information about OPTrust’s responsible investing program and approach can be found in our 2015 Responsible Investing Report .

More information on OPTrust's investment policies is also available in our Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures.