Members - Divested

Past divestment transfer agreement options take effect January 1, 2014

OPTrust has signed the Pension Divestment Transfer Agreement that provides eligible members the option to transfer their OPTrust pension benefits to their current pension plan. Find out more | See the frequently asked questions

What you need to know
  • your membership in the Plan ends when your job is divested to another employer
    your pension with OPTrust is protected when your job is divested
    • the OPSEU Pension Plan recognizes your years of pension service in your other plan for eligibility for an early unreduced pension in the OPSEU Pension Plan
    • your OPTrust pension will be based on the pension service you have earned in the OPSEU Pension Plan only
    • to start your pension from the OPSEU Pension Plan you must terminate your employment with your successor employer (unless you are eligible for an age 65 pension)
    • The Pension Benefits Act imposes statutory requirements to protect the pension benefits
  • OPTrust  sends you an annual statement outlining your pension options and your annual cost-of-living increase
  • your access to your Online Services account ends when we receive your divestment notice and is reactivated when you start to receive your pension
  • you and your eligible survivors may be eligible for insured benefits in retirement
  • you can pay a lump sum for any outstanding buyback balance or take the reduced pension service when the divestment happens
  • We work to handle your service request in a timely manner. See our Service Delivery Standards


What you need to do
When to contact us
  • you are planning to retire
  • you leave your successor employer before retirement
  • change of address, e-mail or other contact information
  • change in marital status
Forms you need to complete