OPTrust Board Names New Chair and Vice-Chair

posting date Posted: November 3, 2014

TORONTO, November 3, 2014 - As part of OPTrust's governance structure one Government appointee and one OPSEU appointee fill the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair, with the roles alternating between Government and OPSEU appointees every two years.

Michael Grimaldi was named Chair of OPTrust's Board of Trustees, effective November 2014. Mr. Grimaldi was first appointed to the Board in 2012 by OPSEU, and became Vice-Chair in 2013. Retired in 2013, Mr. Grimaldi is politically active and a strong advocate for defined benefit and jointly-sponsored pension plans with over 30 years experience in the Ontario Public Service. Mr. Grimaldi replaces former Chair Scott Campbell who remains on the Board.

The Board also appointed Vicki Ringelberg as Vice-Chair. Ms. Ringelberg joined the Board in 2011 as a Government appointee. Her career spans over 20 years in the investment industry, where she held various senior positions. Ms. Ringelberg is currently director of Portland India Select Business Mauritius Portfolios Ltd., Portland General Partner Inc., and a member of the Board of Trustees for Portland Canadian Trusts.