OPTrust video marks major milestone

posting date Posted: October 7, 2015


OPTrust, one of Ontario’s largest public sector jointly-sponsored pension plans, has released a new video as it marks its 20 anniversary. Titled Paying Pensions Today, Preserving Pensions for Tomorrow, the video features a series of interviews which highlight the organization’s commitment to delivering retirement security to its more than 86,000 members.

“As more and more Canadians focus on their retirement security, successful jointly-sponsored defined benefit pensions plans, such as OPTrust, have an important story to tell,” said Hugh O’Reilly, President and CEO of OPTrust. “It’s a privilege to be able to share our successful model with others and shine a spotlight on those within OPTrust who show such dedication to our members everyday.”

In just two decades, the OPSEU Pension Plan and OPTrust – the organization that supports it – have grown from modest beginnings to become one of Canada’s top public sector pension plans.

OPTrust at twenty is a sophisticated global investor with a fully-funded pension plan as well as a leader in service excellence. While the organization has made great strides over the years, it has never lost sight of its primary goal which is to provide its members with certainty about their retirement income.

Click here to watch Paying Pensions Today, Preserving Pensions for Tomorrow.