Pension Divestment Transfer Agreement Signed

posting date Updated: August 12, 2015

OPTrust and the OMERS plan have entered into a new transfer agreement that gives eligible retired and inactive members a one-time opportunity to merge their pension benefits in the successor employer’s pension plan. If you were part of a divestment transaction and have a deferred pension or pension in pay with OPTrust and the OMERS plan, this may affect you.

Please note: HOOPP and OPB may enter into the transfer agreement at a later date. If they do, their eligible retired and inactive members will receive similar options as those included in this agreement.

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Next steps:
  • Eligible retired and inactive members who retired or terminated on or after May 18, 2010 will be given the option to merge their pensions.
  • OMERS and OPTrust will send information, including a transfer-options application form, to their eligible retired or inactive members. Members who request their transfer options will receive additional information and an election form.