Funded Status Reports and Annual Reports

We Report to You
Our Funded Status Report provides detailed information on OPTrust’s strategy and results in the areas of pension funding, member experience, investment management and plan administration and together with information on the Board of Trustees, Plan governance and our audited financial statements.

Our Funded Status Report Highlights provides a snapshot view of our 2019 Funded Status Report.

The entire Funded Status Report and the Funded Status Report Highlights can both be read online, downloaded and printed in PDF format. You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF items below.

2019 Funded Status Reports

2019 Funded Status Report

Retirement by Design
“At OPTrust, retirement by design really means two things. It’s the way in which we invest for the long term and in the best interest of our members. The second thing we mean by retirement by design is how we increase availability of defined benefit pensions through the launch of OPTrust Select which was designed for the broader public and nonprofit sector”.

Peter Lindley
President and Chief Executive Officer

Annual Reports for Prior Years