Application and Eligibility

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24-Month Application Deadline

The OPSEU Pension Plan sets out strict time limits for submitting a buyback application. To be eligible to make a purchase, the member must submit an  Application for Past Service (OPTrust 1036) to OPTrust within 24 months of the latter of:

  • the date the member became and continuously remained a member of the OPSEU Pension Plan or the PSPP, or
  • the last day of the leave of absence the member is applying to buy back.

icon Important!  If OPTrust does not receive the buyback application within the 24-month time limit, the member can still apply to buy back pension service for his or her past service through the Plan's open option buyback. Please see OPTrust's fact sheet Open Option Buyback for more information. Buyback applications must be received prior to member’s termination or retirement.

What is a “Complete Application”?

The Application for Past Service Credit is the only document that must be received within the 24-month deadline. However, additional documents may be required to complete the member’s application. Since OPTrust calculates the cost of the buyback as of the date the complete application is received, it is in the member’s interest to submit all required documents as quickly as possible.

The documents required to complete the application depend on the type of service the member is buying back. 

Service with the OPSEU Pension Plan, the PSPP or Its Predecessor

For most members who work in the OPS and are paid through CORPAY, the Application for Past Service is all that is required to complete a buyback application for this type of service. OPTrust will confirm the current salary rate, and eligible service directly with the employer.

icon Note! Automatic quotes for prior non-contributory service at enrolment: In cases where the member has a period of prior non-contributory government service (which can be identified by OPTrust) – contract, unclassified or seasonal service, for example – in conjunction with the individual’s enrolment in the Plan, OPTrust will automatically generate a buyback cost quote and mail the member an Agreement to Purchase Credit (OPTrust 1017) form. Please refer to the section on Enrolling a Member for more information.

For members paid through CORPAY with historical service from more than 10 years previous to the current year, we also require an Employment Information (OPTrust 1035) form, to be completed by the employer.

For non-CORPAY members (i.e. employees of agencies, boards and commissions), the employer must provide OPTrust with the Employment Information (OPTrust 1035) form for all service. This form is required if the buyback is for a period of non-contributory service, including contract or unclassified employment.

If the employer is unable to provide the necessary information the member may still be eligible to apply for a buy back, if he or she is able to provide other supporting documentation, such as: pay stubs, T4s, employment contracts, or letters from the employer. The submitted documents are subject to approval by OPTrust. 


Unpaid Leaves of Absence

Before an employee starts any LOA, the employer must complete an Notice of Unpaid Leave of Absence (OPTrust 1025ER) form, and ensure a copy is sent to OPTrust. If the member chooses not to contribute during the leave using the Application to Contribute During an Unpaid Leave of Absence (OPTrust 1025) form, they can apply for a buyback after the leave by submitting a completed Application for Past Service (OPTrust 1036)  form to OPTrust.


Temporary part-time work arrangements

Arrangements on or after February 1, 2022
Before a member starts a temporary part-time work arrangement, the employer must complete a Temporary Part-time Work Arrangement Contribution/Buyback Application (OPTrust 1030) form with the member and submit a copy to OPTrust.

If the member chooses to contribute based on their reduced hours during the arrangement, they can apply for a buyback after the arrangement ends, by completing page 1 of a new OPTrust 1030 form and submitting it to their employer to complete page 2. The employer must then submit the form to OPTrust.

24-month buyback window for arrangements prior to February 1, 2022
A special 24-month buyback window is available to members who were on a temporary part-time work arrangement that occurred before February 1, 2022. If members wish to apply to buy back pension service for a past arrangement, they must complete page 1 of the OPTrust 1030 form and request their employer complete page 2 of the form. The employer must then submit the form to OPTrust.

icon Note! For more information about temporary part-time work arrangement eligibility, please see Temporary Part-time Work Arrangements.


Service with Another Pension Plan

Members who apply to purchase service with another Canadian registered pension plan, will be required to provide additional documentation from the previous employer and/or previous pension plan.