Employers must complete the following procedures to terminate a member from the OPSEU Pension Plan when a member has died prior to retirement. 

1. The employer must complete the Notification of Death (OPTrust 1063)

2. OPTrust will follow up for additional forms and required documentation from next of kin or contact person.

OPTrust also requires the following forms and documents for deceased members. This information may be submitted to OPTrust at the same time as the Notification of Death is provided, or at a later date.

The required documents include:

  • A birth certificate or other proof of birth – if not already on file

    icon Note: Approved proofs of birth include:
    • birth certificate
    • adoption papers
    • Canadian passport
    • Canadian registration of birth
    • Baptismal certificate/papers
    • Indian status card
    • Canadian citizenship papers
    • Canadian Permanent Resident card
  • Statement of Marital Status (OPTrust 1059)
  • Death Certificate or Funeral Director’s Proof of Death

The optional documents include:

  • the spouse’s birth certificate or other proof of birth – if not already on file
  • a marriage certificate – if not already on file
    three documents showing that the member has a common-law spouse with whom he or she has lived for a minimum of three years – if not already on file. See OPTrust’s How to Prove Your Spousal Relationship fact sheetfor details.
  • proof of birth for all eligible children – if not already on file
  • for members with pre-1987 service: void cheque or banking information
  • Declaration of Attendance at a Secondary or Post-Secondary Institution (OPTrust 1031) form
  • copy of proof of Social Insurance Number (SIN) for all eligible children.