Terminating from Successor Employer

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OPTrust must be informed of Plan termination from the successor employer. When a member terminates from the successor employer the OPTrust requires a letter from the employer stating the following:

  • Employment/plan termination date
  • Member Name
  • SIN
  • Current Member Address
  • Period of Employment
  • Employer contact information
Leaving Prior to Retirement

If the member terminates employment and plan membership with the new employer before retirement, and is under age 55, they may be eligible to elect a deferred pension or transfer the value of their OPTrust pension to a locked-in retirement savings arrangement or to another registered pension plan. For more information on termination options, please see the Termination section.

icon Note: OPTrust cannot determine what pension options are available with the member’s new employer. The member will need to contact their new employer or plan administrator directly.

icon Important! Medical Benefits If the member qualifies for medical benefits based on their credit or service at the time of divestment, they will be eligible for medical coverage offered separately by the Ontario government when they start to collect their pension from OPTrust. Credit or service with the successor employer is not recognized for medical benefit eligibility.