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Employers must complete the following procedures to enroll a new employee in the OPSEU Pension Plan. The same enrolment procedures should be followed whether membership is:

  • mandatory, or
  • optional and the member elects to join.
1. Complete the Membership Enrolment form (OPTrust 1005) and if applicable, the Transfer of Membership Between the OPSEU Pension Plan and the Public Service Pension Plan form (OPTrust 1040)

Employers must complete OPTrust’s Membership Enrolment form with the employee and submit it to OPTrust. 
*Please complete the Membership Enrolment form using the link on your Online Services employer landing page.

  • For mandatory enrolments the Membership Enrolment form must be completed and submitted to OPTrust at the time the member begins employment.
  • For optional enrolments, the Membership Enrolment form must be completed at the time the member elects to join the Plan.

When the employee has credit in the PSPP and is joining the OPSEU Pension Plan with no break in service, the mandatory transfer provision applies. In this case, employers must complete the Transfer of Membership form as well.

icon Important! Both the employer and member must sign the Membership Enrolment form. The Transfer of Membership form only needs to be signed by the employer.

2. Complete additional forms and provide documentation

OPTrust also suggests new members complete the following forms and documents for enrolling members. This information may be submitted to OPTrust at the same time as the Membership Enrolment form or at a later date.

Employers should request that members provide this information to OPTrust.

icon Important! Please send the Membership Enrolment form and if applicable, the Transfer of Membership form to OPTrust promptly as soon as the form is completed. Forwarding this form should not be delayed.

3. Set up automatic payroll deductions

Employers must ensure that all newly enrolled members of the OPSEU Pension Plan are set up for correct pension payroll deductions promptly, starting from the employee’s Plan membership date. 

icon Tip: For optional membership, employers may want to begin Plan membership and pension contributions to match the pay period start date.

For additional information, please see the section on Reporting Pension Data.