Board of Trustees

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OPTrust was established to give plan members and the Government of Ontario an equal voice in the administration of the OPSEU Pension Plan (the Plan) and the management of the assets through joint trusteeship. As sponsors, the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) each appoint five Trustees to OPTrust’s 10-member Board. One Government of Ontario appointee and one OPSEU appointee fill the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair, with the roles alternating between Government of Ontario and OPSEU appointees every two years.

As the legal plan administrator, the Board has overall responsibility for the administration of the Plan and the management of the assets. The Plan’s governing documents define the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Trustees. It also provides the Board with the authority required to ensure OPTrust can deliver retirement security to its over 100,000 members, pensioners and their dependants.

In accordance with the Plan’s governing documents, established trust principles, and the governance practices of jointly sponsored pension plans, the Board has delegated responsibility for managing the affairs of OPTrust to the President and CEO, subject to certain matters for which the Board has retained responsibility. The effect of the Board’s delegation is to vest strategic and monitoring responsibilities in the Board of Trustees and management responsibilities in the CEO.

The Board has established four standing committees:

  • Governance and Administration Committee
  • Audit, Finance and Risk Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Human Resources and Compensation Committee

The Board has also established an Adjudication Panel.