Employer Roles and Responsibilities

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In general, the employer has three main responsibilities regarding a member’s pension and the administration of members’ benefits under the OPSEU Pension Plan:

  • providing clean, accurate, and timely data
  • deducting members’ contribution from their pensionable salaries and remitting member and employer contributions within the prescribed timelines
  • initiating transactions and other pension activities based on member events

Each section of the Employer Manual will outline the specific responsibilities of the employer as they pertain to each transaction or member event.

OPTrust realizes that the Plan’s provisions and OPTrust’s administrative policies and procedures can be complex, and may be subject to change. The Employer Manual will be updated as required to reflect such changes. 

icons Important! Questions from Members and Retirees – As part of our member-focused service model, OPTrust has assumed direct responsibility for providing members with information about the OPSEU Pension Plan and their own earned benefit and entitlements. Employer representatives should therefore direct members to our Member Services staff for answers to any questions they may have regarding their pensions.