Information for Employers

OPTrust provides participating employers and their human resources, benefits and payroll staff with information about the Plan and updates regarding plan administration through the following channels.

An OPTrust representative has been committed to attend the following meetings:

  • Benefit Coordinators' Forum 
  • Payroll Operations Managers' Meeting
  • Benefits Advisors' Meeting

These are important opportunities for us to provide information and respond to questions or concerns, and to gather feedback from employer representatives on how to improve service to members and employers.

Employer Update

OPTrust produces an electronic news bulletin for employers to advise them of changes in OPTrust’s administrative policies or procedures. Issues of the Employer Update are produced as needed and posted to the Employer section of the OPTrust website in both HTML and PDF format. Once each Employer Update is posted to the site, we distribute an email notice to a list of employer contacts. 

To add yourself to the Employer Update notice distribution list, please send your request, along with your e-mail address, to

Employer Section of the OPTrust Website

OPTrust’s website provides ready access to a range of resources for participating employers. These include:

  • Employer Update – an archive of current and past issues of the Employer Update
  • Employer Manual
  • Download Forms for Employers – a handy list of all OPTrust forms available online, organized by transaction and linked to the relevant section of the Employer Manual. Most of these forms can be completed online, printed out for signature and submission to OPTrust.