Information for Members and Retirees

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OPTrust keeps members and retirees informed about the OPSEU Pension Plan, their own pension and any pension options that may be available through a wide variety of channels.


OPTrust publishes regular newsletters for our members and retirees, which are available on OPTrust’s website.

Booklets and Other Publications

OPTrust has developed a series of booklets and other publications for members and retirees that provide detailed information about the OPSEU Pension Plan. These publications are available in print or on OPTrust’s website.

Annual Statements

OPTrust provides members with regular statements to keep them updated on the status of their pension. These include:

  • Annual Pension Statement - OPTrust provides a personalized Annual Pension Statement to every active member, and divested member and former member with a deferred pension entitlement. The statement shows the member’s pension credit and contributions at year-end, their earned pension and projected pension at retirement, and identifies their spouse and any beneficiaries they have named. Each year’s Annual Pension Statement is mailed the following spring. We encourage members to register for Online Services to receive their statements electronically.
  • Pensioner Information Change Statement – This personalized statement for pensioners is issued every January, and whenever there is a change in the pensioner's monthly payment (e.g. inflation adjustment, change in insured benefits premiums, etc.). The statement shows the pensioner’s monthly gross pension, income tax and other deductions, and net pension payment. The statement also lists the name of the pensioner’s spouse and any other identified beneficiaries, and any power of attorney that has been appointed.
  • Retired Member Statement – This biennial statement is provided to retired members every two years and contains key information about the retired member’s pension in pay and shows the most recent cost of living adjustment applied to the pension. The statement also identifies the retired member’s spouse, and any beneficiaries they have designated.
Pension Information Sessions

OPTrust's pension information sessions are available through live video sessions or recorded webinars. These sessions are designed so members can learn more about their pension plan directly from an OPTrust representative. Non-members who are eligible to join the Plan (e.g. “unclassified” or contract employees represented by OPSEU) are also welcome to attend and learn more about the benefits of enrolling in the Plan. Members can view an up-to-date schedule of pension information sessions and register for the session of their choice online, through OPTrust’s website.

note icon Employers can contact OPTrust to arrange for webinar sessions to be delivered to their employees.

OPTrust website

Many of the information resources listed above are available on OPTrust's website. Additional resources include:

  • Retirement Income Calculator – Members can transfer the results from the pension estimator to the Retirement Income Calculator where income from other sources can be added - including RRSPs, CPP and OAS - and project their total retirement income under a range of different scenarios. Retirees can access the Retirement Income Calculator from the “More Information” tab on the Starting Your Retirement page in the Retiree section of the OPTrust website.
  • Online Services – Members and retirees can register with this secure, password-protected section of the OPTrust website. Once they are registered, they can complete certain pension transactions online, communicate with OPTrust through secure, two-way messaging and view newsletters and other communications electronically. Live data is used for pension estimates and managing beneficiaries.