Plan Provisions and Grievances

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icon Important! The provisions of the OPSEU Pension Plan are established under the OPSEU Pension Plan Text and applicable federal and provincial legislation. During the grievance process, the parties sometimes seek a particular pension benefit as part of a negotiated or arbitrated settlement. 

Regardless of the terms of any grievance settlement or award, OPTrust cannot provide a pension benefit that is not consistent with the terms of the Plan text or that is contrary to legislation. Any grievance settlement or award that does not meet these criteria does not have jurisdiction over OPTrust and the administration of the Plan’s provisions. 

We therefore recommend that the parties to a grievance contact OPTrust to clarify the terms of the Plan and their ramifications, should they be considering a possible settlement or seeking an arbitration award where pension benefits are at issue.

For more information, please refer to OPTrust Employer Update #15 and #27.