Leaves of Absence & LTIP Overview

This section provides background information on leaves of absence (LOAs) and the OPSEU Pension Plan, including the pension options that may be available to members and the role of the employer in LOA-related pension transactions. It also describes the procedures and forms employers must use for transactions related to a member’s LOA.

The special rules that apply for periods when a member is receiving or eligible to receive Long-Term Income Protection (LTIP) benefits are described separately. 

Please review the information on the different types of LOA to determine whether a member’s leave has any pension implications. Where the LOA may have an impact on the members’ pension, we have provided additional information on the member’s options and the procedures that must be followed.

icon Important! Before a member starts any unpaid leave of absence of more than one month, the employer must complete OPTrust’s Application to Contribute During an Unpaid Leave of Absence (OPTrust 1025) form, together with the employee. This form is used to indicate whether the member wants to continue making pension contributions during the leave. The completed form should be submitted to OPTrust, whether the employee decides to contribute during the leave or not. 

Completing the Application to Contribute form is particularly important for pregnancy, parental or adoption leaves. Under the Employment Standards Act, members and employers are required to make contributions during the leaves, unless the member elects in writing not to make contributions to the Plan.