Procedures - Leaves of Absence & LTIP

Leaves of Absence

Employers must complete the following procedures for a member taking a leave of absence without pay of more than one month. The same procedures should be followed whether:

  • the member chooses to contribute during the leave, or
  • the member elects not to contribute during the leave.
1. Complete the Application to Contribute during and Unpaid Leave of Absence (OPTrust 1025)

The Member and employer must complete the Application to Contribute form and submit it to OPTrust before the start of the leave. This form must be completed whether or not the member chooses to make pension contributions during the LOA. 

2. Set up automatic payroll deductions for pregnancy parental or adoption leaves

For pregnancy, parental or adoption leaves, if the member elects to contribute through the SUB allowance, the employer must ensure that the member is set up to continue pension payroll deductions. 

For additional information, please see the section on Reporting Pension Data


icon Note! The employer is responsible for confirming that the member is eligible to receive LTIP benefits and arranging to continue remitting pension contributions to OPTrust. 

The following steps are internal employer procedures specific to the Ontario Public Service. This process is not administered by OPTrust.

1. Confirm that the member’s LTIP claim has been approved

The employer must get written confirmation from the insurance carrier that LTIP has been approved.

2. Complete the LTIP Pension Accrual Tracking Form

The employer must complete the LTIP Pension Accrual Tracking form. This form must be submitted to Ontario Shared Services, along with the insurance carrier’s written confirmation that the LTIP claim has been approved, to the following address:

Ontario Shared Services
Benefits Production Unit
Suite 206A
189 Red River Road
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 1A2