Early Unreduced Pension

Depending on their age and pension service in the OPSEU Pension Plan, OPTrust members may be eligible to retire before age 65 with an immediate unreduced pension under one of the following provisions.

Permanent Early Retirement Options

Factor 90 – Allows members to retire with an immediate unreduced pension if their age plus pension service total at least 90 years.

60/20 – Allows members to retire with an immediate unreduced pension if they are at least 60 years old, and have at least 20 years of pension service in the Plan. 

iconNote! In order to qualify for this unreduced pension, the retiree must attain the age of 60 and 20 years of pension service while still a member of the Plan.

Bridging to an Unreduced Pension – Members who receive a notice of layoff may also be able to “bridge” to an unreduced pension. This requires special provisions within their collective agreement allowing the use of leaves of absence, the surplus notice period, and the period represented by severance payments to reach the date on which the member would be eligible for an unreduced retirement option. Bridging is currently available to:

  • members who are declared surplus and are covered by the Central Collective Agreement between OPSEU and Management Board of Cabinet.

iconImportant! Members who are receiving LTIP benefits and are considering taking an early retirement option should be advised to contact OPTrust directly to ensure that they are informed of all available options and the potential consequences associated with each alternative.