Other Retirement Options

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Phased-in Retirement

Depending on arrangements with the employer, members may be eligible for a phased-in retirement. In such cases, the member may work reduced hours, but continue to make full contributions and earn full credit in the Plan, for a period leading up to his or her termination of employment and retirement.

icon Important! Phased-in retirement arrangements require the employer’s approval. The employer must continue to remit contributions at the members’ regular rate.

Disability Pension

Individual members may qualify for a disability pension from the OPSEU Pension Plan. To qualify, a member must:

  • be totally and permanently, physically and/or mentally disabled, and
  • have 10 or more years of credit or continuous membership in the Plan.

To receive a disability pension, the member must apply directly to OPTrust, provide the required medical documentation and terminate his or her employment. Members who do not have 10 years of credit or continuous membership and do not qualify for a disability pension may qualify for a special disability refund from the Plan.

For more information on the eligibility criteria, required documentation and procedures for a disability pension or refund, please contact OPTrust directly.