Procedures – Reporting Employment Earnings for a Retired Member

These procedures apply when an employer who contributes to the OPSEU Pension Plan (the Plan) employs or re-employs a retired member who is receiving a pension from OPTrust and does not re-join the Plan.

1. Retired member notifies employer that they are receiving a pension from OPTrust.

Upon hire or re-hire, it is the retired member’s responsibility to inform their employer that they are receiving a pension from OPTrust.

If a member commences their pension in December of the year they turn 71 and continues to work without terminating their employment, they must also notify their employer when their pension starts.

2. Employer submits a completed Retired Member Quarterly Employment Earnings Report (OPTrust 1008).

The employer must report the total gross employment earnings paid to the retired member for each calendar quarter using the OPTrust 1008 form. The earnings reported should include all payments identified in the Plan’s definition of pensionable salary. Please complete and submit the OPTrust 1008 form to OPTrust within two weeks following the end of each calendar quarter.

icon Note! Quarterly Employment Earnings: The earnings that should be reported on the OPTrust 1008 form are the post-retirement employment earnings paid to the retired member on pay dates that fall within the calendar quarter.

icon Note! Retroactive Salary: When retroactive salary, related to post-retirement employment, is paid to a retired member, the earnings are also to be reported in the period in which the earnings were paid. However, retroactive salary related to pre-retirement employment should not be reported.