Procedures-Buyback Deductions

Buyback contributions made through regular biweekly payroll deductions are tracked and reported using one of two methods.

1) OPTrust-Administered Deductions

For employers that are part of the Ontario Public Service WIN system, buyback deduction files are processed as follows:

  • OPTrust supplies a biweekly transaction report for inclusion in pay run.
  • Pay run: Buyback amounts are deducted from the employees’ biweekly pay.
  • Following pay run : The employer submits the payroll data, together with a report of any problems, to OPTrust.
2) Employer-Administered Deductions

All other employers that are not part of the WIN system must set up buyback deductions for their employees based on documents provided by OPTrust.

  • OPTrust sends the employer a copy of the OPTrust 1016 form, or Secure Site Message, advising the employer to set up a schedule of deductions for the employee. This form/message will specify the start date, end date, employee deduction amount, employer deduction amount and number of payments.
  • The employer sets up the payroll deductions and remits the buyback contributions and related data to OPTrust as part of the regular biweekly data file.
  • The funds for both employee and employer must be remitted at the requested amount.
  • The employer must use the appropriate buyback deduction code. For a list of the approved codes, please see Employee Deduction Codes.

note icon Note! The employer and employee buyback deduction amounts may differ, depending on the employer and member contribution rates in effect for the period of service purchased.

important icon Important! The buyback deduction method used is not at the discretion of individual Pay and Benefits Representatives. Due to efficiency requirements, the OPTrust-Administered option may not be available to all employers. For more information, please see the related information in the Background Information section or contact OPTrust’s Data Management Group.

Data Management Group

The Data Management Group (DMG) is responsible for service, contribution and payroll data submitted by employers.

Contact DMG by email:

important icon Important! Email messages sent to this address are not encrypted. Do not send confidential member information via unsecured email. Please use this email address for general inquiries only.