Procedures-Missed Mandatory Contributions

The remittance of missed mandatory contributions can be initiated by either the employer or OPTrust.

1) OPTrust identifies missed mandatory contributions

OPTrust will identify any periods for which the employer has missed mandatory contributions and calculate the total amount to be remitted, including interest. We will then inform the employer of the amounts by uploading a report via the secure Employer Site. OPTrust will allow for a 90-day period from the end of the month in which the missed mandatory invoice is dated, for the Employer to make the remittance. During this 90-day period, OPTrust will continue to provide the Employer with the list of outstanding missed mandatory contributions on a bi-weekly basis.

At the end of the 90 days, OPTrust will take responsibility for the collection of the outstanding contributions. OPTrust will send a letter to the member requesting payment be made to the Plan. OPTrust will allow 45 days for the member to make the payment.

If the member does not make the payment within 45 days, OPTrust will advise the member that we have closed the case and the member will not be allocated the credit for the period in which the contributions were not provided.

2) Employer remits missed mandatory contributions

The employer may remit the funds or data through the biweekly data feed or by cheque to OPTrust.

  • The employer must ensure that both the contributions and the pensionable hours worked for the period are remitted correctly.
  • The employer must indicate to OPTrust the payment method and the term of the repayment.
3) OPTrust updates the member’s file
  • Once OPTrust receives payment for the missed mandatory contributions (and/or any corrected data), we will update the member’s file to reflect the contributions received.

important icon Important! All cheques are to be made payable to the OPSEU Pension Trust for the full amount due, including both the employee and employer share as well as all applicable interest. While the member may negotiate directly with the employer on payment terms, OPTrust must receive payment for the full amount of the contributions by the due date. If funds are not remitted on time, a recalculation of interest will be applied.


Payments must be sent by the employer. OPTrust cannot accept direct payment from the member/employee.