Procedures - Tax Reporting and Pension Adjustments

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Calculating and Remitting PA

Like most procedures described in this manual section, the calculation and reporting of a members Pension Adjustment is an iterative interaction between OPTrust and the employer.

1) Employer calculates PA
  • The employer will calculate the member’s regular current service PA
2) Report PA
  • The PA, along with the annual contribution amount must be reported on the members T4 and distributed to the member by the end of February in the year following the benefit accrual
  • Report PA to CRA by February 28
  • Report PA to OPTrust using the standard text file format by March 31.
3) OPTrust updates member database

Once the file has been received from the employer the OPTrust will update the member PA to the OPTrust database.

icon Note:  The reporting of the Pension Adjustment to the OPTrust for the Ontario Public Service is handled centrally by the Shared Services Bureau. Each individual ministry need not submit this information for their member.