Pension Connection Summer 2014, Number 61

Want to know how your pension plan remained fully funded? Interested in how OPTrust is delivering sustainable pension security for the long term? Looking for the latest on OPTrust’s investment performance?

Just turn to the special pullout section inside this newsletter to read the Report to Pensioners 2013. There you’ll find key statistics on the financial performance of the OPSEU Pension Plan and news on how we serve you and our 84,000 other members and retirees.



Because OPTrust is designated as a benefit plan administrator and we do not sell anything, we are exempt from obtaining consent when sending electronic communication to conduct the business of the pension plan. We have always offered an easy way to unsubscribe from our email communication and will continue to do so.

Members and retirees have a number of options for updating how they want to receive communication from us – through their personal Online Services account, by email, phone, mail or fax.

This law is meant to reduce and eliminate “junk” email. It does not cover messages:

  • within a business that relate to the activities of the business
  • that are in regard to a legal obligation such as a product safety recall
  • within an existing “family relationship” or “personal relationship”
  • from registered Canadian charities.


Question:  How do I change or update my banking information?

Answer:  You must provide us with a void cheque for your new financial institution or bank account. You may also update your banking information online by registering for OPTrust’s secure Online Services. We cannot accept bank account changes over the telephone or by email. 

Question: I’ve recently moved. How do update my mailing address?

Answer: It’s important to provide OPTrust with your new mailing address. You can update your mailing address through OPTrust’s secure Online Services, once you are registered. If you receive your pension by direct deposit, you can contact OPTrust at (416) 681-6100 or 1-800-637-0024 to update your address. If you receive your pension by manual cheque, you must complete a Personal Information Change Request form.  

Question: I want to change my beneficiary information, is this possible?

Answer:  Yes, after retirement, you may add or change a beneficiary designation. To change your beneficiary designation, you must complete a Pension Beneficiaries form. You can also update or change your beneficiary information through OPTrust’s secure Online Services. We cannot accept beneficiary changes by telephone or email.

Question: I’m planning a move to Arizona in the fall. How can I access my pension from the United States?

Answer: OPTrust provides direct deposit payments to financial institutions anywhere in the United States. We can deposit your monthly pension to the financial institution of your choice.

You can provide your new banking information through our secure Online Services or by completing a Personal Information Change Request form available online or by contacting OPTrust.

In 2008, Ms. Tardif retired from National Bank Financial, where she managed over $100 million in assets and, as manager of the Ottawa branch she oversaw the management of over $600 million in assets. Ms. Tardif has extensive board experience, including a recently completed mandate as a director on the Board of Governors of the University of Ottawa, where she chaired the Finance and Treasury Committee overseeing a $1 billion budget. She was also a member
of both the Executive Committee and the Investment Committee for the university’s pension plan.

Ms. Tardif holds a B.Comm and an M.A. from the University of Ottawa. Since her retirement, she has been working on a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Ottawa, as well as contributing to her community through volunteer work.


What does your OPTrust pension mean to you? Does it mean security and stability in retirement? For most members and retirees, an OPTrust pension is one of their biggest assets and a valuable pillar of their financial future.

In a new video, three OPTrust members share stories about why their pensions matter. View the video

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OPTrust’s popular Online Services provides a secure gateway to a wide-range of information about your pension.

When you register or log on to the site, you have access to:

  • check and update your beneficiary information
  • update your address and other contact information
  • communicate through secure email messages regarding your pension
  • update your tax and banking information
  • view your insured benefits coverage information.
  • Go to our website, and click the Online Services link, top right. On the Online Services page choose the green “Register now” link. On the next screen enter your OPTrust ID and in the Password field enter the first six digits of your Social Insurance Number. This is your temporary password for registration.

  • Choose a secret question and provide a one-word answer. This answer will be used to identify you if you forget your password. It ensures only you have access to your account.
    OLS screen

  • We recommend that you change your password to something you will remember easily but that others will not know.
    OLS change screen

  • On your home page you can click on the menu items on the left to view or change
    your personal information.

    To see your monthly Pensioner Information Change Statement, click on “Your Pension Statements.”

  • You will see the confirmation screen when you’re done and OPTrust will send you an email message to the email address you used for registration.

  • As a subscriber to Online Services you will receive news alerts and your newsletter, Pension Connection, electronically. OPTrust will send you an email notice when the most recent issue of Pension Connection is ready to view. If you want to change your options for receiving Pension Connection, go to Communicate with OPTrust to indicate your preference. 





Within 24 hours you will receive the following email from OPTrust confirming your registration.








Using your password and OPTrust ID number, you can now log onto Online Services.






Each year, more members and pensioners opt for the convenience and security of OPTrust’s Online Services site. In 2013, the number of registered users increased 9.6% to 37,977.


The deadline for submitting any 2013 Great-West Life (GWL) claim forms is year-end. If you have any 2013 claims that you have not sent already, they must be received by GWL on or before December 31, 2014. This deadline applies to all dental, medical, vision, hearing and prescription drug claims for the 2013 calendar year.

Please do not send your claim to OPTrust because we cannot guarantee it will arrive at GWL before the deadline.

Claim forms are available from Great-West Life at 1 800 874-5899, 416 440-0406 or

You can also view your claim submissions online by using GroupNet, GWL’s online service for members. If you have any questions, please contact GWL.


Great-West Life
Health and Dental Claims
255 Dufferin Avenue
London, ON N6A 4K1

In April 2014, the life insurance premium increased by $0.18 per $1,000 of coverage. This resulted in a slight increase in income tax for retirees with life insurance coverage. Check your August PICS, posted in your Online Service account for exact income tax amounts.

Premium change chart


Your pension is one of the three pillars of your retirement income. to find out how all three sources add up in retirement, you can use OPTrust’s online retirement income calculator.

retirement income

There are three steps to using the calculator:

  1. Retirement income calculator screen step 1Enter information about any RRSP that you may have.

  2. Retirement income calculator screen step 2Add income from other personal investments and information about federal government benefits.

  3. Retirement income calculator screen step 3View your results. From the results page, you can go back and change any assumptions about income sources.


Telephone callWhen you contact our Member Services line at 416 681-6100 or 1 800 637-0024 about your pension, you can press “1” on your telephone keypad to speak directly to staff who are available to provide dedicated service to retired members.

You can also log on to your Online Services account to send and receive secure messages to OPTrust about your personal information at any time.



  • OPTrust was recognized for its 2013 United Way employee campaign, winning a United Way Spirit Award. The Spirit Awards recognize excellence in community giving among United Way’s dedicated volunteers, donors and over 700 workplace campaigns.
  • OPTrust was also the winner of a United Way Exemplary Achievement Award, which recognizes campaigns that have topped $100,000 in donations. Only 15% ofworkplace campaigns in Toronto achieve this accolade. OPTrust’s employee campaign total reached $121,000, setting a new record for staff at OPTrust.