OPTrust Responsible Investing

Responsible Investing governance includes having the policies, structures and business practices in place to effectively execute our RI strategy.

business practices

OPTrust’s commitment to RI and consideration of ESG factors is outlined at the highest level in three Board-approved policies:

The SRIP outlines the key principles our investment teams consider when making investment decisions. They include supporting good governance practices, environmental protection, labour and human rights as well as a duty to be aware of ESG risks that may affect our ability to fulfill OPTrust’s mission to deliver sustainable pension security. While the application of the SRIP varies among OPTrust’s investment teams, the processes used for making decisions for both internally and externally managed assets incorporates the principles.

The Chief Investment Officer (CIO) is responsible for ensuring that OPTrust adheres to the SRIP and approves the RI strategy and activities. The RI Committee, established in 2013 and chaired by the CIO, includes senior management representation from key departments across the organization. The RI Committee monitors the implementation of OPTrust’s RI strategy and responds to emerging issues. The responsibility for executing  the SRIP lies with the investment teams.