Why join the OPSEU Pension Plan?

  1. You will receive secure, predictable income in retirement – for life.
  2. For every dollar you contribute to your pension, your employer contributes an equal amount.
  3. Your pension is adjusted every year for inflation.
  4. Contributions to the pension fund are invested by an experienced team of investment professionals.
  5. It’s easy to save for your future by simply becoming a member.


One of the benefits of a pension from OPTrust is that it is portable. If you leave your job, you have a number of choices. You can:

  • transfer the value of your pension to a locked-in retirement account (before age 55)
  • transfer the value to another eligible pension plan
  • leave the money at OPTrust and get a pension any time after age 55.


Time + Money = Retirement. Sample calculation