Members - Buying Back Pension Service

What you need to know

  • deadlines apply for buybacks
    • if you miss the deadline you can still buy back pension service but it will cost you more
  • OPTrust will provide you with a cost quote when all the documents are received
  • you have 10 years from the application date to decide whether to proceed with the buyback
  • there are a number of payment options
    there are three kinds of service you can buy back:
    • service with an employer who contributed to the OPSEU Pension Plan or PSPP
    • an unpaid leave of absence
    • service with an employer who contributed to another Canadian registered pension plan
  • We work to handle your service request in a timely manner. See our Service Delivery Standards


How to apply

Submit a complete application as outlined:


When to contact us

  • within three months of starting your new job or becoming a permanent employee to discuss buying back pension service
  • if you are planning to take a leave of absence or returning from a leave
  • address or other contact information change
  • change in your family status due to marriage, separation/divorce, new child by birth or adoption