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Planning for the future? View your Annual Pension Statement today
This provides you with a snapshot of your earliest retirement date and pension amount based on your salary and pension service information as of December 31, 2020. Simply log into OPTrust's Online Services to view your 2020 statement. Learn more about your Annual Pension Statement.

Changes to commuted value calculations take effect December 1, 2020
Earlier this year, the Canadian Institute of Actuaries announced that it would be changing the standards for calculating commuted values (CVs). Like all defined benefit pension plans registered in Ontario, the OPSEU Pension Plan is required to adopt the new standards on December 1, 2020 to comply with provincial pension law. Read more on the changes to commuted value calculations

COVID-19: OPTrust is prepared to pay pensions and continue to serve our members
The office is closed to all visitors until further notice. Members, retirees and employers can connect with Member Experience using secure messaging via Online Services or telephone. The mailbox can be used for communications intended for other departments or by Members that are unable to open an Online Services account. Our new Member Experience service hours are Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm. Read more on our COVID-19 updates

Previous updates:

New to the plan

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Permanent staff must join the pension plan. For contract and unclassified staff plan membership is optional.
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Buying Back Pension Service

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New pension plan members can buy back past uncredited pension service and may be eligible to transfer in pension service from another plan.
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Leaves of Absence

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Members who are planning a leave of absence or who have recently returned from a leave have the option to buy back pension credit.
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Changing your Marital Status

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Marital status affects survivor benefits. If your marital status changes, notify OPTrust to ensure your information is up to date.
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Divested Members

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Ontario’s pension law protects the pension benefits you have earned with the OPSEU Pension Plan, when your branch or unit is divested.
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Leaving Your Job

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If you leave your job before retirement, your membership in the pension plan ends. You have options regarding your pension.
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Planning for Retirement

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Retirement is a major life change. Preparation and planning will help with a smooth transition to this next phase of your life.
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Planning for your survivors


Your OPTrust pension provides benefits for your survivors, so it's important that you identify who you want to receive those benefits.
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