Members - Leave of Absence Buybacks

What you need to know

  • you have up to 24 months after returning to work to submit an application and have your employer contribute
  • your employer contributes an equal amount for some unpaid leave of absence buybacks:
    • pregnancy, parental and adoption leave
    • short term sickness and LTIP
    • caregiver absences
  • the cost of your buyback is based on your salary at the time you start making payments
  • after the 24-month deadline, you can still apply under the open window option but the cost will be calculated actuarially and your employer does not contribute
  • contributions can be stopped at any time
  • you have up to 10 years to make payments
  • unpaid leaves of one month or less do not affect your pension – contributions are mandatory and are deducted when you return to work

How to apply

  • decide if you want to buyback your leave of absence during your leave or when you return to work
  • apply before your leave starts if you want to buy back pension service during your leave
  • submit an application immediately – the decision whether to go ahead can be made later
    • parental leave applications can be completed online

When to contact us

  • considering a leave
  • get a cost estimate for a special leave, education leave or open window option buyback
  • change of address, e-mail or other contact information
  • update beneficiary information after maternity leave

Forms you need to complete

Additional forms to complete, if applicable

Background material for more information