Members - Leaving Your Job

What you need to know
  • your membership in the Plan ends when you leave your job
  • when we receive notice of your termination, we will send you a termination package with your options, including any applicable forms
  • depending on your age and pension service in the Plan, you may have a number of options
  • if you have been involuntarily terminated without cause and meet certain requirements, you may be eligible for grow-in benefits
  • you can pay a lump sum for any outstanding buyback balance or take the reduced pension service
  • your access to your Online Services account ends when we receive your termination notice. When you start to receive your pension, your account is reactivated.
  • We work to handle your service request in a timely manner. See our Service Delivery Standards


How to start the process
  • establish your termination date (with your employer, if applicable)
  • complete the Termination of Membership form
  • provide OPTrust with copies of these documents, if they are not in our files
    • if you have a spousal relationship
    • if no eligible spouse, birth certificate for any children (if applicable)
    • if you must divide the Family Law Value of your benefit
  • review and update your beneficiaries
When to contact us
  • if you are planning to retire
  • change of address, e-mail or other contact information
  • change in marital status

You may also choose to contact us if you are leaving your job or are planning to terminate your employment.

Forms you need to complete (if applicable)
Additional forms, if applicable