OPTrust introduces Retired Member Statements

Changes to the Pension Benefits Act require OPTrust to provide retirees with a Retired Member Statement. Retirees will continue to receive a Pensioner Information Change Statements (PICS) when there is a change that impacts their pensions.

What's new?

The Retired Member Statement provides some additional information that does not appear on OPTrust’s PICS, including:

  1. A breakdown of the monthly pension at the end of the previous year and the monthly pension at the beginning of the current year.
  2. Beneficiary information (if applicable).
  3. Required information about our investment practices.

Retirees can view the new statement by signing in to their secure Online Services from the "My Pension Statements" section.

The Retired Member Statement will be issued every two years.

Reviewing your beneficiary designation is important. If there is a change to the information we have on record, you can update your beneficiaries either in "Manage My Beneficiaries" in Online Services or by completing a new Pension Beneficiaries form.